Company Registration & Compliance

A registered association which is an artificial legal person, having an independent legal, entity with perpetual succession, a common seal for its signatures, a common capital comprised of transferable shares and carrying limited liability. Company compliance is an essential aspect of any successful organization. It involves ensuring that all employees, as well as external business partners, abide by all applicable laws, regulations, and ethical practices. This includes both internal policies and procedures, as well as external rules and requirements. To ensure compliance, companies rely on a formal system of corporate governance, policies, training, monitoring, and remediation. The chief compliance officer typically manages this system. By adhering to compliance requirements, companies can prevent and detect violations of rules, protecting themselves from costly fines and lawsuits. Overall, company compliance is a critical component of creating a culture of transparency and ethical behavior within any organization.
Services offered

Private and Public Company Registration.

Limited Liability Partnership Registration.

Charitable Company Registration.

Government Company Registration.

Foreign Company Registration.

Nidhi Company Registration.

Partnership Firm Registration.

Conversion of Companies.

Accounting and Auditing of Companies.

Annual Reports of Company.

Appointment & Removal of Directors.

Corporate Litigation.

Compliance Complaints.

Employee Claims.

Industry Enforcement Trends.

Compliance Policies in each Risk Area.

Corporate Corruption.

Tax Practices.

Conflicts of Interest.

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